We combine our set of standard techniques and tools to customize an approach based on the unique requirements of each job to ensure the smoothest, safest outcomes.


Hand Trimming

For aesthetic or ornamental work like pruning your fruit trees or shaping your hedges, we get up close and personal with orchard ladders, our aerial lift, or from the ground. We hand trim to get the best possible shape and maintain the health of your trees.


Climbing & Rigging

For branches that need removing or limbs that need cabling and for some tree removals, our experienced climbers will scale up into the trees to drop or lower branches. Experts at line work, they make sure each piece lands where it should. This technique is also used for jobs that larger equipment can't get to.


Aerial Lift

For larger trees and medium sized removals, we may bring an aerial lift for better access. The lift means easier access and quicker turnaround times. We will either drop branches or rig them with ropes to lower them safely to the ground. Our lift is self-operating, meaning we don't need truck access and can fit into tight spaces and won't leave tracks on your lawn.


Crane Work

The biggest jobs may require a crane. Licensed crane operators work alongside the tree crew to get the crew up into the canopy and pick and remove even the largest of branches and trees.


On-Call for Emergencies

When New England's weather has caused damage to your property or created a dangerous situation, we will prioritize your job and can help you clean up after the storm. We're also here whether it's a DIYs gone wrong or even to get your cat out of a tree.