Consider This When Selling Your House

Do this before listing your home for sale

Are you planning to or have you already listed your house for sale? Consider trimming your trees before you do! 

In order to get top dollar for your home, you want your property to look and feel great. Ornamental pruning the trees and large shrubs on your property is like getting a haircut before a job interview- when you are dressed for success you boost a buyer's confidence in the quality of their purchase!

The Benefits of Trimming Trees When Selling Your Home

  • Reduce Visual Clutter
    Removing overgrowth from your trees and shrubs will make your yard look cleaner and tidier 

  • Minimize Risks
    It's a smart idea to remove any dangerous limbs, leaning trees, or anything that could pose a risk to people coming onto your property

  • Reduce Negative Selling Points
    Pruning your trees is one less thing that a buyer will need to do after purchasing and could serve as an upsell

  • Increase Light
    Often times removing branches and trimming out trees increases the airflow and light that can pass through the canopy while still providing shade, making your yard bright and beautiful