Welcome to Exeter: Where Tradition Meets Natural Splendor

Welcome to Exeter, New Hampshire, a town brimming with historical significance, scenic landscapes, and a vibrant local community. At Wilder's Tree Service, we take pride in providing exceptional tree care services that complement Exeter's stunning natural environment.

A Glimpse into Exeter's Past: Exeter's legacy traces back centuries, reflecting in its well-preserved landmarks and cultural heritage. The town's historical significance is evident in its architectural treasures and traditions that honor its unique history as showcased in the American Independence Museum.

Community and Local Businesses: Exeter thrives on its strong community bonds and diverse local businesses. From the artisanal offerings of businesses like Serendipity and Stillwell's Riverwalk Ice Cream to the delightful dining experiences at The OBA Noodle Bar and Street Restaurant, the town offers a variety of options catering to residents and visitors alike.

Natural Beauty and Nearby Attractions: Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Exeter's picturesque landscapes and nearby attractions. From exploring the trails at Swasey Parkway to observing the beauty of the Swamscott River, the town provides ample opportunities to appreciate nature's wonders.

Education and Schools: Exeter prioritizes quality education for its residents, offering notable schooling options dedicated to nurturing a supportive learning environment. Featuring Phillips Exeter Academy, a private co-educational boarding school, as well as public schools like Main Street Elementary School and Lincoln Street Elementary School, Exeter provides quality education to all of its students.

Wilder's Tree Service in Exeter: As an integral part of the Exeter community, Wilder's Tree Service specializes in professional tree care services. Our tree care experts are masters in tree pruning, trimming, removal, and emergency tree care, ensuring the health and safety of your trees while preserving Exeter's natural beauty.

At Wilder's Tree Service, we're committed to contributing to the well-being of Exeter. We invite you to explore our professional tree care services tailored to your property in Exeter. Let's collaborate to nurture and protect the trees that embellish this remarkable town!