When to Hire Tree Removal Experts

When should you hire tree removal experts?

Signs you can look for

There are a few telltale signs that a tree needs to be removed from your property. 

When the tree is dead

Trees that are dead will rot and decay to the point of being incapable of supporting itself. During storms and harsh weather, branches or even the entire tree can come down. This is a risk to you, your property, as well as any pedestrian or vehicle that comes within range of the tree. Hiring a professional tree service is recommended in these scenarios, as dead trees can act in unexpected ways during removal.

When the tree is diseased

Sometimes a tree's health can be compromised by damage, pest infestation, or disease. It can affect individuals limbs to entire trees to the point that it kills the tree entirely. When this happens, it is best to remove the tree to minimize risk and avoid the spread of infestation or disease to other trees and plants.

When the tree is encroaching

Sometimes a tree will grow in a place or lean in a direction where you don't want it to be. When trees get too close to structures, electrical wires, underground pipelines, or building foundations, it is best to remove part of all of the tree that has the potential to cause damage.